Round-up: The Places We’ve Been

Round-up: The Places We’ve Been

Today is a sad day for The Gongoozler, as we have decided to take different canal paths in life, and go our own watery ways. But what a journey it’s been. Since September, we have liveblogged, interviewed, photographed and recorded at canals all over London. We’ve also been to exotic locations around the world, such as Burano,  Amsterdam and Huddersfield. Here are some of the favourite places…

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Take an audio tour of the Regent’s Canal

Take an audio tour of the Regent’s Canal

Completed in 1820, London’s Regent’s Canal flows from Paddington in the West of the city to Limehouse in the East.

In between, it meanders through all the capital’s varied moods, from tourist traps to industrial wastes.

Close your eyes and let The Gongoozler take you on a tour of four of its most atmospheric spots.

Limehouse Basin Gongoozler Limehouse

Image: Josh Lowe

Over the churning water of a courtyard fountain…

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Liveblog: Kings Day, Amsterdam

Liveblog: Kings Day, Amsterdam

April 27 9:04am

Good morning: it’s King’s Day in Amsterdam! And it’s a big one – last year the Dutch queen abdicated on account of her old age, which makes this the first King’s day (or Koningsdad) since 1890. The name “King’s Day” really makes me feel like i’m in Game of Thrones, and it’s Joffery’s nameday…or something.

Photo: HBO

April 27 10:04am

We’re now just making our way to to…

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Guest post: Top tips for running a canal event from Christine Smith

Guest post: Top tips for running a canal event from Christine Smith

Christine (left) with fellow boaters and BBC Breakfast's Carol Kirkwood at this year's Cavalcade. Image: Inland Waterways Association

Christine (left) with fellow boaters and BBC Breakfast’s Carol Kirkwood at this year’s Cavalcade. Image: Inland Waterways Association

Ever wanted to start a canalside festival? Bring some boaters together, blast out some tunes and rejoice in summery, watery vibes?

Ever realised once you’ve thought about it that it’s actually quite hard?

Fear not. We brought in Christine Smith, site and services…

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Narrowboat of the Week: International Edition Part 2

Narrowboat of the Week: International Edition Part 2

This lovely vessel was snapped during a trip to Amsterdam The Gongoozler recently took. It may be floating up and down on the water, but with the long, crooked facades of several of the city’s famous homes looming behind it, it looks like a positively stable place to live.

From its wood-panelled Scandanavian feel, and the understated contrast between its red lacquer finish and navy blue window…

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Ask an anthropologist: What’s the appeal of boatlife?

Ask an anthropologist: What’s the appeal of boatlife?

We were lucky enough to get a tour of Regent’s Canal from boat-dweller and anthropology student Ben Bowles, who is writing a PhD on continuous cruisers. He told us about the history of boating and how boatlife is changing.

Boat anthropologist and boat-dweller Ben Bowles gave us a guided tour of Regent’s Canal

I’m a professional nosy man. I’m a PhD candidate at Brunel University, and my thesis is…

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Top 5 most expensive moorings in the UK

Top 5 most expensive moorings in the UK

Britain’s most expensive site to moor boasts rates of almost £10,000 per metre – an increase of 2 per cent since this time last year. Ice Wharf Marina on Regent’s Canal in London will set you back the most when mooring on the UK’s waterways.


Ice Wharf Marina (picture: Right Move)

With house prices and rents rising to new highs in the capital and the option of living on a houseboat as a more…

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Safety in Numbers: Canal Crime Hotspots

Safety in Numbers: Canal Crime Hotspots

If you live on a canal, it’s one of the most annoying questions you’re asked by land-dwellers, but also one of the most common: is it safe? Of course it’s safe living on the water – it’s the land where you really want to be careful.

But in all seriousness, while living in London on a house boat is just as safe as anywhere else in the city, there are some areas you might want to avoid. They are…

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My Favourite Canal: The Herengracht

My Favourite Canal: The Herengracht

Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 15.10.29Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 15.10.29Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 15.10.29


Today The Gongoozler welcomes aboard Nicholas Rowland, an advertising account co-ordinator from London. Since Moving to Amsterdam in December, he fell in love with the City and its canals.


It could be said that everything is “steeped” in history to a certain extent – even you and I. But the canals of Amsterdam aren’t just steep…

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Top 5 Canals of All Time…Ever!

Top 5 Canals of All Time…Ever!

Ahh, the canal life. Nothing beats it. From the slow rise of the lock, to the ripples of water from each passing vessel: why would you want to live anywhere else? Whatever canal you call home, you’re going to have a good time. Although this isn’t to say some canals aren’t better than others. Some are good, some are great – some are even sublime – but then there are these canals – our top five of…

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A floating book tour: Word on the Water (Video)

A floating book tour: Word on the Water (Video)

“Selling books is a bit of an art,” says Paddy Screech, co-owner of London book barge Word on the Water, “but if you put enough buzzers and bells on a bookshop, people remember what they are and start coming to them.”

And that’s exactly what Paddy did. Set on a 1920′s Dutch barge, Word on the Water opened in 2011, selling second hand books and hosting live entertainment events.


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See what’s coming to a canal near you

See what’s coming to a canal near you

The sun is just about back, and around the country winter works are finishing on a canal near you. The Canal and River Trust have just finished major improvements to many of their canals, and other canal-loving types have been working on their own projects.

We’ve compiled a map showing you the best new developments and ongoing improvements to canals around the country. Take a look to see what’s…

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